Coral Gables Museum Family Day
Drum Set Room
School Presentation
Practice Room
School Presentation
Hand Drum Room
Coral Gables Museum Family Day
Large Ensemble Room
Large Ensemble Room
Paint the Mall Pink @ Dadeland
Drum Set Group Class
AARP Convention
Recording Studio
Adult Master Class
New World Symphony Family Day
Marimba Practice Room


The SFCPA is the ambassador for percussion in South Florida. Our extensive inventory of instruments and network of musicians can adapt to a variety of settings. From presentations, rentals, recording, to customized educational community programs, the Center serves as a complete resource not only to our students, but to professional musicians and organizations. We are never short on ideas on how to continue to bring music to our community. Give us a call or email us to see how we can help with your event or project.


  • RhythmFun! Group Program

  • South Florida Rhythm Music Camp

  • Private Lessons

  • Audition Preparation

  • Homeschool Programs

  • School Presentations/ Field Trips

  • Public Schools Music Program Support


Live Events
  • Free Friday Drum Jam

  • Community Jam Session

  • Community Presentations and Performances 

  • Rehearsal Space Rental

  • Instrument Rental

  • Drum Circle Facilitation 

  • Leadership Retreats

  • Professional Networking

  • Internships/Mentorship

  • Audio/Visual Recording

  • Music Library


  • Guest Master Classes

  • Concerts