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About Us

The SFCPA is the ambassador for percussion in South Florida. Our extensive inventory of instruments and network of musicians can adapt to a variety of settings. From presentations, rentals, recording, to customized educational community programs, the Center serves as a complete resource not only to our students, but to professional musicians and organizations.

Drumming Is Universal

Our Mission

The SFCPA is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating new and enhancing existing opportunities to study, perform, and enjoy music through percussion. Along with educational programs from classical to world percussion, we help make music accessible to our community through school presentations, workshops, and performances. We also meet the challenge of studying percussion: access to literature, instruments, and rehearsal space in our 2300 sq.ft. facility.


Our Vision

At the heart of founding the South Florida Center for Percussive Arts, was deciding its location to be West Kendall, a geographic area lacking in free and low cost arts programs serving children beyond the school day. 

We are committed to making the arts and music instruction part of the identity of West Kendall.

Our Facility

We offer a variety of free and low cost educational programs and community events at our center 

We Need Your Support Today!

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