Rhythm Music Camp

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RhythmFUN! program


Dates: September 6th - December 17th

Fall Performance​: Sunday, December 18th

Our unique educational program enriches the lives of our students by providing the opportunity to learn music through drums and percussion. Children begin with listening and imitation games and develop into confident readers and performers. They learn the fundamental techniques of the entire percussion family, their origin, and cultural history. Musical ability and artistic expression progress in the context of a supportive group setting, emphasizing important life skills such as communication, comprehension, focus, perseverance, teamwork, and confidence. Classes encourage new friendships, and performances in the community build group pride.

The program is open to children ages 18 months to 18 years.

Individual Programs

One on one lessons

All Percussion instruments and levels

Practice Room Rental

Variety of Percussion instruments available for individual use. By appointment only, Group sessions are also available 

Rates start from $15/1 Hour

Solo and Ensemble Prep

Specifically catered to individuals or groups who are preparing for Solo and Ensemble performance

50-90 mins/ session


Mock Audition

Audition coaching (all-state, college, drum corps, festivals, orchestras, etc.) A panel of educators will give the student feedback on their performance

60-90 minutes/ session

Call or email for pricing and scheduling

Summer Programs 

South Florida Rhythm Music Camp will be back for 2023!

Our last Rhythm Music Camp Featured our talented and award-winning staff, guest master classes, small group classes, and more!