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Director of Operations

Alexa Fernandez


Alexa has been with

The SFCPA for 5 years and counting. 


About Alexa

Alexa, named after Billy Joel’s ‘Downeaster Alexa’ and great-grandaughter to Gerardo Macias of Cuba’s famous group - Los Guaracheros De Oriente, has always felt a close relationship to Music. She grew up listening to Billy Joel, Led Zeppelin, and The Beatles  - which inspired her to become a musician.  


Alexa graduated from Miami-Dade College with her Associate in Arts in 2018. At around this time is when she began her journey with South Florida Center for Percussive Arts. What started off as part-time volunteer work, quickly became a passion. Continuing her education, in May 2022 Alexa received her Bachelor's Degree in Music Studies from the University of South Florida as well as a minor in Entrepreneurship and a certification in digital marketing. 

While at The University of South Florida, Alexa continued working remotely for The SFCPA. Shortly after returning, she was promoted to Director of Operations. Like many students who attend school for music, Alexa had gone into school thinking she'd create a career by playing drums and performing for the rest of her life. But, through the years of being with the organization, Alexa found her deep passion for working with kids and adults, sharing her love of percussion with others and creating positive change in her community though music. 

Currently residing in Miami, Alexa continues her work as Director of Operations at

The SFCPA pursuing her passion for music, family, and education. 

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